Tolga Akbaş

Tolga Akbaş

I am a communications and photography graduate. I do photography and video works on the environment, urbanization, stratification, time and space. By living and changing the concept of "moment" in photography, I produce new and controversial images that show the interaction of time and space in different ways.

"Mektuplar" Bursafotofest 2021

* "7A" "#IAR International Artist Residency - İtalya Napoli' Palazzo Fondi 

* "Höyük" Albe Art Gallery "Onur Ödülü" 

* "İki Pencere" "433 Residencia"

* "Base 2020" [Sil Baştan] [Höyük] [İki Pencere]

* "Base 2020" Digilogue "Sil Baştan" 

* "Höyük" 4 -19.12.2020 B-Part Berlin

* "7A""#IAR International Artist Residency - Special mention" 

* "Sil Baştan" Base 2020

* "Fuzuli Şagil" Bursa Fotofest 2020

* "Fuzuli Şagil"Blurring the Lines 2020

* "Höyük" Base 2020

* "İki Pencere" Base 2020