Pink Vortex / How Many Dreams Will You Carry Me Into?

09 December - 06 January 2024
Pink Vortex / How Many Dreams Will You Carry Me Into?

Pink Vortex / Selin Karataş

In her exhibition titled "Pink Vortex," Selin Karataş employs shades of pink that evoke romantic, soft, and sweet feelings, sometimes reminiscent of cotton candy, while at other times using the deepest red hue of pink symbolizing passion and power. Without becoming overly fixated on the psychology of colors or the perceptions and concepts imposed on us throughout history, she embarked on this journey by contemplating the color pink. Throughout the process, she entered an infinite cycle like a vortex machine. The discoveries in this cycle are shaped by expressions embedded in everyday language, revolving around the color pink.

How many dreams will you carry me into? / Emre Bulut

In his exhibition titled "How many dreams will you carry me into?" Emre Bulut focuses on the human figure within cocoons and patterns. Similar to insects entering their cocoons, they do not feel helpless; instead, they lie down, awakening in a different realm and body. Humans love to attach themselves wholeheartedly to anything they believe will take them to a better place. Therefore, they blindly cling to factors that make them feel good. Those who want to feel good about themselves sometimes sell their own dreams or imagine how many more dreams they will attain. The title of the exhibition, How many dreams will you carry me into? encompasses both of these meanings.